Ready for take-off! ‘Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital’

[ January 27, 2021 ]

Ready for take-off!

‘Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital’

28 January – 15 February 2021


The wait will finally be over on 28 January 2021: at 9:30 am (CET), Gallery FASHION & Shoes will open the digital portals to its digital event, which will have the same authentic look and feel as the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf. From 28 January until 15 February 2021, exhibitors, visitors and other key industry players will have 19 whole days to make the most of the digital order and information platform and its extended dates.

“We are looking forward to the premiere of a digital order platform for fashion, shoes and accessories from the fashion destination of Düsseldorf. It was incredibly important to us to offer our partners an alternative that is appropriate and professional amid the current situation and that reflects our continuity, reliability and the best possible service. This also applies to our line-up with exclusive presentations and talks that, like at a physical event, can only be viewed once at the specified times.”

Ulrike Kähler
Managing Director of Igedo Company
Gallery Project Director 

Igedo Company is expecting a final portfolio of at least 80 exhibitors from the fashion, shoes and accessories sectors to take part, including, for example, Timberland with both shoes and fashion. Representing the fashion sector are brands including Luis Trenker, Hannes Roether, Gabba and Majestic Filatures. Exhibiting brands from the shoe sector include Pantofola D’Oro 1886 and Mofra Shoes. And from the accessories sector: Ideal of Sweden. Professional visitors who were already signed up in advance to attend the physical event are automatically registered for its digital alternative.

The partners of the accompanying line-up include the DMI/Deutsche Modeinstitut (German Fashion Institute), Fashion Trend Pool, Fashion Cloud and the VDMD, which, like TextilWirtschaft magazine, will be represented with its own digital booth for the duration of the extended timeframe. “We have been working with all our partners for many years now. Like Fashion Cloud, for example, who will be taking part once again. And Igedo Company is also flying the flag for Gallery on the Fashion Cloud platform,” adds Ulrike Kähler.



As part of ‘Gallery FASHION & Shoes digital’, exclusive, one-off webinars will be presented every day on various subjects at specified times. But it’s not only DMI Fashion Day that will be a multimedia experience for the autumn/winter 2021/22 season: awaiting visitors at the upcoming digital Gallery format is an exciting, informative digital line-up.

Divided into seven different webinars on different days of the tradeshow, the following themes will be presented: ‘Zeitgeist’ & ‘Inspiration’, ‘Market’ & ‘Retail’, the latest ‘Colours’ and ‘Materials’ and the ‘Key Directions’ and ‘Products’ for womenswear, menswear and accessories.

Fashion Trend Pool is offering a compact fashion order briefing for the autumn/winter 2021/22 season. Fashion Cloud will be showing how to generate online turnover with the content from Fashion Cloud. And the VDMD will reveal its visions for autumn/winter 2021/22.


1 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part I
Title: Keynote
Speaker: Dr James Edwards (Sinus Institute)

Lifestyle research institute SINUS will examine possible futures for fashion consumption in the COVID era and present a new, databased, multidimensional evolution of reaction scenarios. “We will identify available data sources and indicators that could help brands to define which scenarios are relevant for them and which are likely to point to the future. And last but not least we will be discussing the challenge of thinking strategically in times of uncertainty.”


2 February at 11:00 am – FASHION TREND POOL
Speaker: Karolina Landowski (Fashion Trend Pool)

Following the FIRST FASHION VIEW webinar in January, it’s time to take an even more in-depth look at the key looks and collections for autumn/winter 2021/22. On 2 February at 11:00 am, trend expert Karolina Landowski will be giving an extensive FASHION ORDER BRIEFING for A/W 2021/22 as part of the digital platform of Gallery FASHION & Shoes – once again as an inspiring webinar that you can conveniently watch from the comfort of your own home. She will give you the lowdown on everything you need to know for the new order season, from a compact overview of the key colours, materials and silhouettes to the key looks, top product groups and shoes, bags and accessories of the season.


3 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part II
Title: Inspiration
Speaker: Niels-Holger Wien, trend forecaster

“After around two decades of hyper-individualisation, we are experiencing an abrupt change in perspective. We are learning a sense of community. What brings and keeps us together? Will we manage to combine individualisation with solidarity and sustainable thinking?” Niels Holger Wien will be showing us the INSPIRATION that will have an impact on future design. “Will there be fashion after fashion? – Yes! Fashion is a form of self-expression. Fashion needs encounters, it reveals itself with our interactions. It’s all about redefining what really matters.”


4 February at 11:00 am – FASHION CLOUD
Title: What opportunities for generating online turnover does the content from Fashion Cloud offer?
Speaker: Pia Albrecht, Sales Manager, Fashion Cloud

Product data and the matching marketing materials form the basis of online success. Fashion Cloud offers content from over 500 manufacturers, brands and labels that can be easily and conveniently used in online shops, merchandise management systems or the marketplaces of your choice.


5 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part III
Title: Key Numbers
Speaker: Carl Tillessen, trend analyst

Virgil says: “Streetwear is definitely going to die soon”. Riccardo says: “Streetwear is not finished.” But what do the figures say?” From the infinite amount data and statistics that the DMI has access to, Carl Tillessen has compiled the KEY NUMBERS.


8 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part IV
Title: Materials
Speaker: Winfried Rollmann, SEASONS PARIS

“Of course some consumer decisions will become more sensible, more functional and more sustainable – and that’s a good thing!” An overview of the latest MATERIALS – fabrics, yarns and knitwear – in women’s and menswear will be provided by Winfried Rollmann. “Despite all of this, we are finding ourselves yearning for clarity and contours, which give perfect fabrics hold and stability. After this period of enforced restraint, partying and self-expression will start to play more of a role again. So it makes sense that we are welcoming a dash of glamour or seduction that is reawakening our playful approach to design freedom and reviving our spirits – re-joy!”


9 February at 11:00 am – MEGATRENDS VDMD
Title: VISIONS A.W.2021.22
Speaker: Mara Michel, Managing Director of VDMD

Future.Concept for a new togetherness with the keywords reduce, preserve, connect and change. MEGATRENDS and their effect on fashion, textiles, architecture, interiors and life. How are colours, materials, surfaces and designs changing?


10 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part IV
Title: Zeitgeist
Speaker: Carl Tillessen, trend analyst

In his ZEITGEIST analysis, Carl Tillessen will be exploring the concept of sexiness. “Fifty years ago, feminists were fighting prudishness by going nude. These days, women are fighting sexism by covering up. They have turned their backs on all those unrepentantly sexist brands, and a lot of the big ‘sex sells’ success stories have come to an abrupt end in recent years – American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Guess?, Abercrombie & Fitch, to name just a few… sexiness has become a sensitive issue, but it’s not impossible.”


11 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part V
Title: Colours A/W 21/22
Speaker: Niels-Holger Wien, trend forecaster

“Duality of life. From elemental cohesion to digital diversity”. This statement from the Intercolor Workshop A/W 21/22 describes the current interplay of colours and materials – which finds itself between elementary forces and digital diversity. “In the colour harmonies for the autumn/winter 21/22 season, we are predicting very different ends of the spectrum. With the colour themes we are spanning the gamut from a deep sense of calm to eye-catching fashion statements. It’s about finding a balance between the current changes and longevity and between newness and continuity.”


12 February at 11:00 am – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part VI
Title: Womenswear A/W 21/22
Speaker: Karolina Landowski, DMI

Karolina Landowski will be presenting the KEY DIRECTIONS & PRODUCTS (including ACCESSORIES) in womenswear. “In A/W 2021/22, WOMENSWEAR is oscillating between opposites: calmness and excess. A quest for meaning and hedonism. Uncompromising reduction and a rediscovered joy for embellishment. Escapism into nature, back to our carefree days of childhood, is comforting and inspiring at the same time.”


12 February at 2:00 pm – DMI FASHION DAY ONLINE Part VII
Title: Menswear A/W 21/22
Speaker: Thomas Hill, DMI

“We have experienced the world with different eyes over the past few months. Most of us have exercised restraint and made a lot of sacrifices. Clothing has taken on a new significance. It is too soon to say which direction the economy and society will take post-pandemic.” Thomas Hill will be presenting the KEY DIRECTIONS & PRODUCTS (including ACCESSORIES) in menswear. “Reduced-size collections with higher quality standards, pieces that are easier to combine, an increasing number of sustainable products and structures will be the future parameters when it comes to creating collections. Showing a clear edge will be the recipe for success.”


Upcoming dates

Gallery FASHION & SHOES digital              28 January – 15 February 2021

Gallery SHOES & Fashion                            NEW: 18 – 20 April 2021

Showroom Concept                                       NEW: 16 – 20 April 2021