Gallery FASHION & SHOES – Interpersonal

[ Juli 8, 2020 ]



Admittedly, nothing is the same as it used to be. Corona put everything to the test. We have learned a lot. A lot remains uncertain. How is consumer behavior changing? How important is the topic of sustainability? And what role do trade fairs play?


Questions about questions to which we all still have no clear answer today. What we know: In the past few weeks we have recognized what we missed. How important real contacts are. Suddenly we realize how nice it is to have an attractive pedestrian zone. With nice, owner-managed shops, a nice mix of retail stores … Ideally, there is even a great weekly market.


We are not robots. We want to get out. We are looking for a personal conversation. We are people who need social contacts like the air we breathe. Whether as a consumer at the fashion retailer we trust or as a customer when talking to the sales representative. We have learned one thing: a lot is possible online, but not everything.


Last but not least, this applies to the order. According to a current survey, over 70% of the retailers surveyed stated that they preferred to place their orders physically. At trade fairs or in showrooms. They want to touch shoes and fashion. Feel the materials and check the fit. But what counts most for everyone is the personal conversation. The interpersonal. Plus spontaneity and a little bit of fun.


At Gallery FASHION & SHOES, which takes place from August 30th to September 1st, 2020 in Areal Böhler, we do everything to give you this unique shopping experience. Safe and in accordance with all legally prescribed distance and hygiene regulations.


Come to Düsseldorf. Use the inspiring ambience of our location Areal Böhler for your order. And for personal exchange.


We look forward to you.