Supporting Programme Gallery FASHION January 2020

[ December 12, 2019 ]

Supporting Programme/Media Evenzs

Saturday 25 January 2020

Begin 10.30 am Panel Talks VDMD (VDMD – the network of German fashion- and textile designers)



›Alte Schmiedehallen‹

Panel talk VDMD

Antoine Doubacis, CEO The Patternclub

With a new decade coming up, people desire to identify with their personality, individuality and diversity on a deeper level through new fashion trends.

Regarding this, there will be 4 exciting subjects:

  1. Urban-Topic „Reduit et sensible“ – a new way of dealing with people and their environment
  2. Nature- Topic „Naturel et intelligent“ – how can we treasure and protect nature
  3. Global- Topic „Intégrative et précieux“ – appreciation as a premise for integration
  4. Avantgard- Topic „Moi et toi“ – how can we evolve from an ego driven point of view to a more community based thinking

Mara Michel shows with the help of pictures how the design of products adapts to consumer needs and how digitisation, 4.0 and 3D can be embedded. Antoine Doubacis demonstrates how to develop fashion concepts with the TREND.APP.

Speaker: Mara Michel, CEO VDMD, leader of the VDMD-Trend-Research-Teams, CEO. futurize dietrendagentur and Antoine Doubacis, CEO The Patternclub design source UG.


12:30 pm Panel Talk Scalerion

Scalerion in action at the fashion start-up Dailybread.

›Alte Schmiedehallen‹

Panel Talk SCALERION, Thomas Wetzlar

Thomas Wetzlar CEO Scalerion

Scalerion offers brand manufacturers new perspectives, support them to increase their visibility at the POS and to boost purchases with the help of sample parts. The fashion start-up Dailybread from Cologne already works with the cloud-based marketplace solution Scalerion. The two managing directors Thomas Wetzlar and Frank

Frank Poser – Daily Bread GmbH

Poser talk about the cooperation and highlight advantages and chances for retailers.

As a marketplace solution, Scalerion enables every retailer to integrate customers, with a relevant access, in a commission controlled direct sales business – online and stationary.

Dailybread provides basics for modern, solution oriented men: well-fitting underwear with a feel-good factor. Exclusive T-shirts, boxers and socks at a reasonable price. Made in Germany.

Speakers: Thomas Wetzlar, Managing Director Scalerion and Frank Poser, Managing Director Dailybread



From 2.00 pm upto 4.00 pm TM in dialogue

individual retailer consultations

›Alte Schmiedehallen‹

Come by and join – talk to the professionals of TextilMitteilungen.

They will answer your questions concerning:

TM im Dialog

  1. shop concept
  2. fashion assortment
  3. Marketing/PR

The editorial of TextilMitteilun-gen and partners of the fashion section are awaiting you.


Sunday 26 January 2020

Fashion Director Alexander Radermacher

10.30 am – Gallery FASHION TRENDVIEW

Order information for Autumn/Winter 2020/21

›Alte Schmiedehallen‹

Igedo Fashion Director Alexander Radermacher and Trend Consultant Karolina Landowski of Fashion Trend Pool are summarising the most important ladies´ and menswear looks for the next order season. Find out which key looks are defining the season Autumn/Winter 2020/21 and what must-haves should be ordered?



11.30 am – Award of VDMD.FASHION.PLUCK.AWARD.2020

›Alte Schmiedehallen‹, Pumpenraum

Award of the FASHION. PLUCK.AWARD.2020 to a man with fashion braveheart – Stéphane Bonutto.

The recent winners are well known characters who do not just wear fashion, they live fashion with all their senses.


12.30 pm VDMD Presentation of newcomer designers with sustainable fashion

The presentation will take place at the booth of the VDMD in the ›Alten Schmiedehallen‹.

Designer: Laura Krettek is a newcomer who fuses sustainable fashion with art. Her vision is to embed fashion as a cultural asset in our country, among other things, by using materials that have a sustainable character in terms of up-cycling. Turning old into new rather than dumping it is her motto. In 2018 Carolyn Raff successfully implemented experimental and conceptual approaches to textile design. She developed her design approach based on quickly renewable marine raw materials as part of an ex-graduate promotion scheme of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The designer experimented with agar as an algae-based replacement for gelatine with a view to creating a new type of bio plastics. The result is a 100% bio-degradable material available in a variety of colours, looks and textures. On top of this, it can be dyed with natural pigments obtained from micro-algae such as astaxanthin and phycocyanin. Nikolett Madai – She works with dyestuffs gained from food waste.

2.00 pm Lecture Fashion Cloud @ Gallery FASHION

Order 24/7 with Fashion Cloud

René Schnellen. Co-Founder Fashion Cloud

›Alte Schmiedehallen‹

As Europe’s leading B2B platform for the fashion industry, Fashion Cloud enables orders 24/7 – anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, in the showroom or on the sales floor.

This helps the industry to meet the growing challenges in the fashion trade and to live up to the increasing demands of the consumers.

Fashion Cloud took on the task of optimizing the processes in the Wholesale Business and to ensure an efficient exchange. In his talk, René Schnellen will address the various challenges which the Fashion Wholesale faces and explain how digital solutions support and sustain the Wholesale Community. With an online platform and two Apps, Fashion Cloud offers solutions in regards of the exchange of content as well as mobile orders 24/7.

The pre-order in the showroom is supported by OrderWriter, the buyer app, for recording and tracking orders. Clara, the seller app, is used to reorder items. The central web platform enables brands to share marketing materials and product details with the dealers. Since autumn 2019, Fashion Cloud offers cross-suppliers orders via the web platform. With only one access for all suppliers, one can filter by brand, colour, season and product range.

The presentation will particularly focus on the new order section and on the experiences since the launch.

Speaker: René Schnellen – Co-Founder of Fashion Cloud.


From 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm NRW.International

Matchmaking on the bus

›Entrance AREA‹


NRW.International will be welcoming not only a larger delegation from the Netherlands but also other international players from the fashion industry – designers, producers, brands / labels, etc. in the fashion metropolis Dusseldorf. The appealing offer consists of colorful and varied program with trade fair visits, workshops, panel discussions and matchmaking.

Take the chance to meet participants of the foreign delegation in short b2b talks and to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

Free registration and information on the further course can be found at:

Contact: Gregor Stolarczyk, NRW.International GmbH –Enterprise Europe Network


Tel: +49 211 710671232



4.30 pm Panel discussion Style in Progress

It’s the consumer, stupid!

In times of the digitalisation and globalisation, we are going to deal with the question: How, what, where and when are fashion items being purchased  in the future.

We are looking for answers in a panel discussion.


Robina von Stein, founder of the Start Up RE-NT and Marc Ramelow from fashion boutique Ramelow;

Dietmar Axt from DAX Consulting.

Moderation: Stephan Huber founder and chief editor of Style in Progress.


6.00 Uhr industry-Get-Together

Catering-Area ›Kaltstahlhalle‹


Current Events

A Trend Zone in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹ gives inspiration for shop design and rounds up Gallery FASHION. The Trend Zone gives a view at the current key trends in fashion & lifestyle. The installation is in the focus of the zeitgeist and sees itself as an inspirational space for the trade as well as for the visitors.

Trendzone Summer 2019