Igedo Company flies its flags for the industry!

[ February 2, 2022 ]

The new format FASHN ROOMS – developed from Gallery Fashion and held at one of Germany’s most attractive industrial venues, namely Areal Böhler (as again testified by many participating companies and trade visitors) – highlighted over these past few days in Düsseldorf that working successfully is now (only) possible with professional preparation in these still challenging times.

Exhibitors and buyers who had prepared their stays at FASHN ROOMS well beforehand were able to unanimously report of good to very good business.

However, observing the Covid “rules of the game” was also mandatory at FASHN ROOMS – with the vaccination status of each participant being carefully monitored and, of course, no side events taking place either.

“This is how business works today,” said Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director Igedo Company and “heart and soul” responsible of FASHN ROOMS, in her comments to the press. “We provide the industry with the ultimate professional stage which is ready and waiting to be played on. Words like “played on” and “rules of the game” show all of us we have our part to play. And those taking no action, still preferring to wait and see, will miss, or have already missed the boat.”

To be continued by the (already fully booked) SHOES DÜSSELDORF from 6 to 8 March 2022 – also held at Areal Böhler.