Gallery January 2018: Additional growth

[ January 10, 2018 ]

Further News

While the strongest growing area, PREMIUM & AGENCIES, is continuing to prove popular with the increasing agency business and the associated opportunity to show presence for up to nine days on either side of the event, with 800 international brands, Gallery at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf from 27 until 29 January is also reporting an increased number of collective country booths in the CONTEMPORARY area.

In addition to Hungary, Russia will also be represented at a collective booth in Düsseldorf. For the first time, the Russian Association of Fashion Industry (RAFI) is organising the joint presentation of eight Russian brands at Gallery in Düsseldorf. The aim of the Russian Association of the Fashion Industry (RAFI) is to enable Russian brands to tap into new markets and therefore also continue to boost the quality and development of the fashion industry in Russia. This cooperation is beneficial for both sides: while Russia is represented by the RAFI on German platform Gallery, organised by Igedo Company, internationally renowned German brands are being showcased on the Russian platform CPM Moscow, which as well as Messe Düsseldorf Moscow is also co-organised by Igedo Company.

With a focus on design, avantgarde and contemporary brands, the eight Russian labels will be on show in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹: Zibroo Design (D39) is all about avantgarde silhouettes with a fresh, trend-oriented twist. Stylish and smart versus classic and glamorous is the best way to describe Lautus (C40), while at Cepheya (D35) by Jacote the focus is on contemporary knitwear. Serginnetti (C36) is synonymous with feminine elegance, innovative fabrics with exquisite details and is already represented as a brand at 100 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan. With Pompa (C38), feminine silhouettes with a sportwear touch meet more than 25 years of experience on the market. Menswear label Truvor (C42) will also be represented at Gallery, along with contemporary fashion labels Lesel (D37) and MadaM T (D41).

With the increasing demand, the Gallery tradeshow format is continuing to develop as a must-attend platform for additional showroom presence and upscale premium brands with PREMIUM & AGENCIES, which will be presented in the ›Halle am Wasserturm‹, parts of the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹ and the ›Altes Kesselhaus‹. There are also increasing numbers of accessories brands that are increasingly using the Gallery order platform alone or also in combination with Gallery SHOES in March 2018. Avantgarde, design collections and contemporary brands are at home in the CONTEMPORARY area in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹, the heart of Gallery. Exclusive EVENING & OCCASION brands will be presented in the ›Kaltstahlhalle‹.

Accompanying Events

From 27 until 29 January at the Areal Böhler venue in Düsseldorf, Gallery is not only focusing on providing inspiration with its authentic portfolio of more than 800 brands showcasing contemporary fashion, avantgarde and design collections, evening & occasion, accessories & shoes, but also providing plenty of variety with a selection of accompanying events on Sunday, 28 January 2018.