Gallery FASHION & Shoes a sign of consistency

[ November 25, 2020 ]


Gallery FASHION & Shoes
30 January – 1 February 2021


 A sign of consistency from Düsseldorf

At the end of January 2021, Düsseldorf will once again prove itself as a firmly established destination for international fashion orders: Gallery FASHION & Shoes, with the Fashion Bridge to Supreme Women & Men, is planning to hold its regular order event as scheduled.

“Here at Igedo we are optimistic that responsibly organised order events will be possible again from the end of January 2021. Like in March and September 2020, Gallery FASHION & Shoes obviously guarantees the strictest adherence to all official regulations and guidelines, while also ensuring a positive atmosphere for people to finally meet up in. As a partner of the industry, it is incredibly important to us to show consistency and to also continue offering a physical platform – and the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf provides the best conditions for that.”

Ulrike Kähler
Managing Director of Igedo Company


  • First confirmations from longstanding exhibitors & partners for January 2021
  • DMI’s ‘Fashion Day’ to take place at event
  • Extended and more flexible registration deadlines
  • Plans for two halls with fashion, shoes & accessories
  • Ongoing contact with the authorities
  • Assurance that all necessary measures are being taken


First confirmations from exhibitors

Longstanding partners are supporting the regular early Gallery date in January 2021: “We have already received the first confirmations from exhibitors,” says Ulrike Kähler. “People trust us, of course, but they are also interested in maintaining workflows and face-to-face business meetings. We have already proven on two occasions that we are well positioned for this kind of situation.” It goes without saying that everyone involved is aware of the severity of the current circumstances. But at the same time, we want to optimistically and confidently look ahead to the next edition at the end of January 2021, which represents the start of a brand-new year. “One of our partners will be DMI who, with a physical Fashion Day in addition to their earlier online version, will be joining us again at the Areal Böhler,” continues Ulrike Kähler.


“Once again we are benefitting from the fact that we have used the crisis as an opportunity to combine fashion and shoes at both formats,” says Ulrike Kähler. This not only allows both industry segments to showcase their collections twice each season in Düsseldorf, but also gives exhibitors more flexibility to decide when they want to be represented in Düsseldorf. Fashion exhibitors can, for example, also register for the event from 7 until 9 March 2021, previously the date of the SHOES event, and vice versa. Or build on the earlier January date with the March date.


Extended and more flexible registration deadlines

The registration deadlines for Gallery Fashion & Shoes (from 30 January until 1 February 2021) have been extended to mid-December. And even after this new deadline, exhibitors will be ensured the utmost flexibility for 2021, enabling them to confirm their participation at short notice and making sure that as many people as possible can experience the physical order event at the Areal Böhler. Visitor registration is also already open.


Plans for two halls with fashion, shoes & accessories

As well as the ‘Halle am Wasserturm’, the ‘Alte Schmiedehalle’ with the integrated ‘Pumpenraum’ are also planned as exhibition spaces for Gallery FASHION & Shoes from 30 January until 1 February 2021.The ‘Pumpenraum’ will play host to the DMI Fashion Day and the trend talks. And as usual, Agentur Klauser will be based in the ‘Halle am Wasserturm’. The ‘Alte Schmiedehalle’ is being planned to showcase fashion, shoes and accessories. The list of extensive hygiene measures at the Areal Böhler includes separate entrances and exits, visitor registration with strict monitoring of the visitor frequency, continuous ventilation of the high-ceilinged halls and an adapted catering offer in the outdoor area.


Forming the basis for these plans is regular communication with the industry. “If there are any brands from overseas that are unable to get a visa for Germany in January 2021, we can put them in touch with suitable agencies that are exhibiting with us. This emphasises the fact that we don’t just rent out square metres but are providing our exhibitors and visitors with a service that goes way beyond the actual event. The fact that the January 2021 edition will be somewhat smaller than usual isn’t that relevant for us: it’s more important that we ensure continuity and reliability for all our partners.”


In permanent contact with the authorities

Like for the previous events in March and September 2020, Igedo Company remains in constant contact with the responsible authorities on all levels. Due to the experience gained earlier in the year, the fine-tuned hygiene concepts are already in place. “We are emphasising once again that professional order platforms like the Gallery formats can neither be compared to a big public event nor a classic trade fair format,” says Ulrike Kähler. Constant fear is a terrible companion, also in times like these. Of course we all need to be cautious, but face-to-face interaction remains essential as it provides inspiration and opens up new opportunities. Not everything is possible via digital formats. Physical interaction is a must and an incredibly important factor for our industry. That’s why we won’t be transforming the Gallery formats into an online event. That is not an alternative for us – unlike, of course, digital tools for exhibitors and visitors.”


Upcoming dates

 Gallery FASHION & SHOES                         30 January – 1 February 2021

Showroom Concept                                       28 January – 1 February 2021


Gallery SHOES & FASHION                         7 – 9 March 2021

Possible Showroom concept                         5 – 9 March 2021