Further news Gallery Düsseldorf January 2019

[ January 8, 2019 ]

Further news  Gallery Düsseldorf January 2019

International Fashion Tradeshow
26–28 January 2019
Showroom Concept</strong
25–29 January 2019

“Represented in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, the heart of Gallery, is a premium product world with around 450 labels from 20 countries, which will be rounded off by the SHOWROOM CONCEPT with approx. 350 labels from around 15 countries. In this most impressive hall of the Areal Böhler with its unique gallery-like vibe, selected brands are being showcased from the segments Avantgarde & Design, Evening & Occasion and Contemporary with the matching accessories and shoes.”

Ulrike Kähler, Project Director and Managing Director of Igedo



Successful collections with a USP, such as those by internationally renowned Turkish designer Ümit Ünal, have long since been using Gallery as an order platform on which to present their cosmopolitan Western styles in the Avantgarde & Design segment. For the first time, Gallery is now launching a brand-new segment that is now incorporating a whole new aspect: modest fashion. A global trend for quite some time now – and one that isn’t only being worn by women with a religious background. One of the leading brands with Western roots is Mizaan, whose name means ‘balance’ in Arabic. Designer Meriem Lebdiri, who was born in Algeria, is a pioneer in Germany: with her modern yet modest fashions, she is building bridges and creating a sense of community in a diversified society. She is supported by her sister Selma Lebdiri. The label’s collections are proving popular all around the world: whether at the Modest Fashion Week in Dubai or at fashion shows in London and Washington D.C.


“This year, Gallery will also be serving the modest fashion segment for the first time. The international movement of women who are consciously showing less flesh is now arriving in Düsseldorf with the Mizaan brand. The Mannheim-based fashion label appeals in particular to women aged between 30 and 45, who like to express their personality and strength through their style. Designer Meriem Lebdiri is shaking up the fashion industry’s standards by designing fashion that includes all women – regardless of their background or their beliefs. With this year’s distinction by the German government’s Cultural and Creative Pilots, Mizaan is taking “the next step in increasing public awareness as a brand that is making a difference,” according to a direct statement by Mizaan.


New additions to the panels and accompanying line-up of events

“It is very important to us that we mix commerce with culture and high standards,” says Ulrike Kähler. In the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’ in particular, there will be a focus on fashion niches with a sociological approach. Professional visitors can expect a lot more than a mere conglomerate of fashion brands, but also plenty of substantiated information. And this also applies to the panels, which are highly recommended and offer important formats, trend presentations and discussions on various industry and fashion topics. Informative services are available to visitors free of charge and offer additional information, as well as social meeting points.


Saturday 26 January 2019

VDMD presentation slots

12:00 noon – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speaker: Mara Michel, Managing Director of the VDMD, Head of the VDMD Trend Research team and trend agency futurize

The focus is shifting back onto people. Reflection, commitment, communication and empathy are values expressed in architecture, interior, fashion and textiles and their colours, shapes, structures and designs.


Smart fashion community
1:00 pm – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speaker: Dipl.-Des. Susan Wrschka, Vice President of the VDMD, member of the VDMD Trend Research team, fashion design

Added value and sustainability for new functional and technical textiles and their uses for people and fashion.


2:00 pm – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speaker: Jutta Fuhrmann, expertise partner of the VDMD, member of the VDMD Trend Research team, Trend4Fashion

Topics: Trends, looks, colours, fabrics, designs, details, styles, outfits, combos, silhouettes.


3:00 pm – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speaker: Dipl.-Des. Susan Wrschka, Vice President of the VDMD, member of the VDMD Trend Research team, fashion design

‘Pick a Stitch’ – A look at the latest knitwear trends.


 Sunday 27 January 2019


GALLERY TRENDVIEW Autumn/Winter 2019/20
10:30 am – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speakers: Karolina Landowski/Fashion Trend Pool and Alexander Radermacher/Fashion Director of Igedo Company

New to the heart of Gallery, located directly in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, the GALLERY TRENDVIEW by Karolina Landowski/Fashion Trend Pool and Alexander Radermacher/Fashion Director of Igedo Company will be presenting international trends for the new autumn/winter 2019/20 ordering season. The two experts will be providing helpful orientation and an in-depth overview.


 Panel Talk: Modest Fashion
11:30 am – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum
Speaker: Meriem Lebdiri, founder of the label Mizaan

‘The Future of Womenswear: How Modest Fashion is becoming a global megatrend and can endure as a segment’ is the subject covered by Meriem Lebdiri, founder of the label Mizaan, which is based in Mannheim, Germany. MODEST FASHION is aimed primarily at women who keep themselves covered for cultural and religious reasons. This aesthetic has meanwhile won over an entire generation of young, cosmopolitan, social-media-savvy consumers. MODEST FASHION is by no means a constraining style factor: All around the world, noteworthy brands are meanwhile also producing styles and collections that can be worn by orthodox religious groups. Dolce & Gabbana, H&M and Uniqlo are just some of the brands that have also entered this fashion segment and its billion-dollar market.


Presentation of the VDMD.FASHION.PLUCK.AWARD.2019
12:30 pm – ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, Pumpenraum

The VDMD.FASHION. PLUCK.AWARD.2019 for the man with the most daring fashion sense goes to denim aficionado and skirt-wearer Gerold Brenner. The qualified tailor loves men’s skirts and denim and combines both in his own unique way, making him one of the industry’s social media leaders. He is regarded as an “often photographed bird of paradise”.


Industry get-together
6:00 pm – ‘Kaltstahlhalle’

During Gallery, the AMD Academy Fashion & Design Düsseldorf will also be flying the flag with an exhibition: at their own booth (C47) in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, as well as in the entrance area, final project work will be presented by their best graduates.


Fashion, shoes & accessories

Beyond the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’ the strength of Gallery lies in the Showroom Concept, which is taking place in the adjacent halls for between five and ten days. With a strong focus on business and service, it is already made up of approx. 25% shoes and accessories brands. “In the long run, with Gallery and Gallery SHOES our main service is to provide four practically scheduled tradeshow dates per year in Düsseldorf for fashion, shoes and accessories. And the synergy effect of the two sister fairs Gallery and Gallery SHOES is attracting more and more shoe brands, which are consciously opting for the early date and also addressing buyers from the premium textile trade,” Ulrike Kähler continues. “For Gallery as a whole, we are also continuously working on digital, logistical and relevant updates that will attract international exhibitors and high-spending professional buyers.”


New exhibitors

Due to the constantly growing interest in the spaces within the SHOWROOM CONCEPT, the ‘Kaltstahlhalle’ has been extended by 300 m² and an additional hall bay. Joining agencies and brands such as de Vito, Goodiez and Heininger are new exhibitors like ARKK Copenhagen, Lottusse, Punto*Pigro, Sapacino, Shoto and the agency Strategy & Distribution by Bruno Zeppa with well-known Italian brands including Francomina, Gaudi and Trussardi Jeans. Another new addition to the premium area of the ‘Kaltstahlhalle’ is luxury brand 04651/A Trip in a Bag. It is synonymous with fashionable casual chic and lists top retailers like BRAUN Hamburg among its customers. Lardini Donna, a premium brand from Italy that masters the fine art of tailoring, is another new addition to the ‘Kaltstahlhalle’.


Trends for Autumn/Winter 2019/20

At the January 2019 edition of Gallery there is a lot to discover for anyone who wants to broaden their professional horizons beyond mere collections. Gallery will provide orientation and offer a summary of trends defining the fashion industry in the autumn/winter 2019/20 season: “In a world saturated with things, where everyone is striving to be faster, better and stronger, fashion is heading onto a slower path and yearning for craftsmanship and longevity. Here the design focus is on timeless objects and classic materials that stand out with new cuts – for fashion, that means more freedom and thereby (even) more volume. The silhouettes are becoming simpler with overpowering statements giving way to discerning styles. There is still a lot of mixing going on with sporting influences and street styles sharing a bed with glamorous materials and details,” says Alexander Radermacher, Fashion Director of Igedo Company.

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