FASHN ROOMS ready to go!

[ January 14, 2022 ]

Faced with the almost daily question of whether “FASHN ROOMS” will be held in Düsseldorf at the end of January (as a follow-up event for Gallery FASHION), the organiser almost wants to answer aloud and shout: yes, of course, because the new event format of the Igedo Company was conceived specifically for this purpose – to perform information and ordering activities in the fashion industry responsibly and respectfully even under the notoriously difficult (but not impossible) Covid conditions.

The newly chosen name FASHN ROOMS already implies in allusion to the numerous showrooms in Düsseldorf that the FASHN ROOMS will be opened for the sector. “We are more than proficient handling Covid now and have continuously expanded and improved our safety concepts – last but not least in close coordination with those responsible for Areal Böhler. This experience now also tackles the Omicron variant at eye level,” explains Philipp Kronen, Managing Partner of Igedo Company.

“Needless to say, we are also acting in close coordination with the responsible authorities and strictly comply with the Corona Protection Ordinance – the way you would expect from the Igedo Company and also from me personally,” says Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director Igedo Company, for almost two years (!) truly tried and tested with the challenge of Covid.

“We are aware of our responsibility, and we all know how important a physical format is, especially in this industry for the sifting of new collections!”, continuous Ulrike Kähler.

With motivating words Igedo Company invites its trade buyers to rise to the coming challenges self-confidently and courageously and encourages people to visit “FASHN ROOMS”. “Only those facing up to the issues, which are certainly not easy, will succeed in the end,” says Ulrike Kähler. “Those staying at home will not change anything,” the experienced manager is sure, “that was already the case in the past.”

Fortunately, FASHN ROOMS can report some very important returnees such as the Hinterhofagentur with its brands in the Showroom Concept, which is moving from its showroom to FASHN ROOMS.   Almost as usual, trade visitors can once again expect numerous attractive new exhibitors.


New exhibitors and important brands at FASHN ROOMS in January 2022

New exhibitors at Showroom Concept in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹ 
  1. Barmas – men’s fashion from Italy
  2. Blast-Off – women’s and men’s fashion as well as shoes and accessories from Italy
  3. Blundstone shoes from Australia
  4. Cashmere & Friends – knitwear from Germany
  5. Dea Kudibal – women’s wear from Denmark
  6. Hydrogen – women’s fashion from Italy
  7. MOA Master of Arts – women’s and men’s wear from Italy
  8. Mos Mosh Gallery – women’s wear from Denmark
  9. NEWD.Tamaris – new shoe collection from Wortmann
  10. Rocco P. – womenswear, menswear, accessories & shoes from Italy
  11. Salt-Water Sandal – women’s and men’s shoes from the USA
  12. Sanctamuerte – women’s wear from Italy
  13. Settenove Fashion Agency with Blast-OFF from Italy (womenswear, menswear, accessories and shoes)
  14. Sturlini – shoe collection from Italy


New at Klauser -this time not only in the ›Halle am Wasserturm‹ but also in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹: 
  1. Duvetica – ladies’ and men’s jackets from Italy (sponsor of the hostess outfits)
  2. Iceport – ladies’ and men’s jackets from Italy
  3. Lana Negra – brand from Uruguay with women’s coats
  4. Lapis – leather fashion from Italy
  5. Sicas from Italy with leather goods for men and women


New in Design & Avantgarde and Contemporary:


  1. Bamboo Belgium Blusen, Hemden, Jacken, T-Shirts für Damen und Herren
  2. Capelli New York – Mäntel, Accessoires, Lifestyleprodukte – Deutschland
  3. Caranni – Damen- und Herrenmode sowie Accessoires aus der Türkei
  4. Chapati Design – DOB, HAKA und Accessoires aus Deutschland
  5. Jilani – DOB, HAKA aus Deutschland
  6. PLÜ – Strickwaren, Röcke, Hosen und Accessoires aus Zypern
  7. Poema Munich – DOB aus Deutschland
  8. Sophia Elle by Stizzoli – DOB, Strick und Mäntel aus Italien
  9. Style Icon – Blusen, Hemden, Taschen und Lifestyleprodukte aus Deutschland
  10. Suel Knitwear – Röcke, Mäntel, Kleider und Strickwaren aus Ungarn


New in the World of Accessories: 

  1. Buffalo Boots from Germany
  2. Chaaya Shoes GmbH – high-quality sneakers and boots from Austria
  3. LIFF Berlin – bags, jewellery and shoes from Berlin
  4. M | Hats & Caps Gloves, hats, caps, scarves/ shawls – Germany
  5. Mecury Eyewear from the Netherlands
  6. Olivia Lauren bags from Belgium
  7. Vizio Collezione – Hats, Caps, Scarves, Shawls and Gloves from Italy


Returners to Areal Böhler: 
  1. Anytra from the Czech Republic – caps & co – World of Accessories
  2. The Hinterhofagentur – Glühofenhalle – Showroom Concept
  3. H+ Cube with brands like MJ Watson, Hannoh + and Aequamente- Showroom Concept
  4. Rabionek – hats and caps from Poland
  5. Lemon Jelly – vegan shoe collection from Portugal
  6. Nubikk – shoe collection from the Netherlands


Loyal exhibitors: 
  1. 365 Italy – Hats, scarves and shawls from Italy – Showroom Concept
  2. Agency Stefan Kudla-The Last of the True – Showroom Concept
  3. Alto Milano – Hosiery from Italy – Showroom Concept
  4. Elemente Clemente -DOB from Germany – Design, Avantgarde and Contemporary
  5. Fiebig Germany – Hats, Caps, Scarves … from Germany – World of Accessories
  6. Luis Trenker- women’s wear, knitwear, jackets and coats from Italy – Showroom Concept
  7. Mayser- hats and caps from Germany – World of Accessories
  8. Bellissima creation- bags and shoes from Germany – World of Accessories
  9. Ahmaddy- Scarves and shawls from Germany – World of Accessories
  10. Caridei Bros. Gloves – Gloves and leather goods from Italy – World of Accessories
  11. Mat Fashion – women’s wear from Greece – Design, Avantgarde and Contemporary
  12. Womsh – shoes, sneakers and shirts from Italy – Showroom Concept
  13. Xenia Design – women’s wear from Croatia
  14. Zeitlos by luana – women’s wear from Germany – Design, Avantgarde and Contemporary


Evening und Occasion:
  1. Christian Koehlert – Germany
  2. Corizzi – Abend- und Anlassmode – France
  3. Fashion New York – France