FASHN ROOMS opens Additional(s) rooms

[ May 25, 2022 ]

Düsseldorf becomes the perfect stage: FASHION, ADDITIONALS & GREEN ROOM presented under one roof

Inspiration & Innovation with practical added value for exhibitors and retailers

Experience, discover, combine. In a world where almost everything is available at the touch of a button, inspiring products and concepts are in high demand. Physical retail only stands a chance against online providers with an exciting mix, surprising products and an appealing presentation.

What counts are those unexpected, individual items – after all, this is precisely what makes for a store full of ideas. Ways out of uniformity towards more diversity and the perfect mix of product, emotion and experience will be offered by the Düsseldorf order show FASHN ROOMS, held from 23 to 25 July 2022. FASHN ROOMS is known for its high-quality selection of German and international brands from the fashion, footwear and accessories segments.

Introducing the “ADDITIONALS” area FASHN ROOMS now open up new scope for complementary beauty and lifestyle products in the truest sense of the word. “The mix of fashion and beauty is perfect. We bring together what belongs together. And all of this in an inspiring venue,” says Igedo Company CEO Ulrike Kähler explaining the innovative, revenue-enhancing concept that ensures high professionalism thanks to the cooperation between the partners BEAUTY FORUM and FASHN ROOMS.

“In line with our motto ‘We believe in the power of beauty’ we believe that beauty has many facets that are underlined by fashion and cosmetics. This is why we are delighted to break new ground together with the Igedo Company,” says Roberto Valente, CEO of Health and Beauty Germany GmbH. “BEAUTY FORUM is definitely the perfect partner to implement the innovative ADDITIONALS concept as part of FASHN ROOMS in a target-group oriented format.”

Beauty meets fashion. Fashion retailers are always on a quest for attractive add-on products for their stores. By means of the open-plan, centrally located joint ADDITIONALS stand FASHN ROOMS opens up precisely this space for beauty and lifestyle products including skincare and decorative cosmetics, oils, fragrances, wellness articles as well as stationery, candles etc.

Beyond the product as such this concept is also about an appealing in-store presentation that encourages purchases. ADDITIONALS provides retailers with practical inspirations for displaying the complementing products in their stores in a sales-promoting way. “Here, the special almost magical atmosphere of Areal Böhler already boasts the best pre-conditions,” confirms Ulrike Kähler. With attractive presentations that prompt impulse buying we provide retailers with new possibilities for surprising and sustainably enchanting their shoppers.”



Sustainable with ambition. Consuming fashion with a good feeling. More and more people want to be sure that retailers and manufacturers offer products that look good and comply with high ecological and social standards at the same time. For this type of shopper sustainability is a must-have rather than nice-to-have. In other words: sustainability is taken as a given. Fairness and eco-friendliness are reflected in both their daily lifestyle and their favourite looks. “We have observed for some time now that the interest in fair-production fashion continues to rise while good design and sustainable values are by no means mutually exclusive. On the contrary,” says a convinced Ulrike Kähler. FASHN ROOMS responds to this development with an innovative concept integrated into the existing, successful order platform: “With the new segment GREEN ROOM we offer retailers the unique opportunity to extend their ranges to include sustainable, fair fashion in a targeted manner. And all of this in one place. Both at the order show and at their own stores.”



After all, the trade show in Düsseldorf is not only about a comprehensive range of fashion and accessories. Beyond ordering, the holistically designed GREEN ROOM concept comprises a modern, sustainably engineered shop fitting design. A special feature in the hall: a Store 13 space – a sustainable Concept Store from Herford providing a modern take on the sustainability theme in retail.

“With our sustainable ‘STORE 13 Sharing Concept’ we want to help and show retailers how to jointly shape the market in novel ways. Transforming the market into a newly emerging sustainable lifestyle experience is centre stage here. Our fashion market has undergone fundamental change for many seasons now. We look forward to tracing the path we feel is right, together with Igedo Company in late July. To us the “STORE 13 ‘like a bird & friends’ Concept” located at the heart of the new GREEN ROOM during FASHN ROOMS is an opportunity to jointly shape market developments and share our expertise with conventional retail via brief lectures and talks presented here during the 3-day event. Being part of this new platform from the outset and thereby actively accompanying the fashion show destination Düsseldorf on its path towards a more sustainable fashion world, confirms our ‘STORE 13 – Sharing Concept’ which will take the fashion-lifestyle market to the next sustainable level,” says Tanja Kliewe-Meyer, founder & CEO of ‘like a bird lifestyle GmbH’.

The integral Showroom Concept with a longer duration (21 – 25 July 2022) offers agencies and premium brands optimal prerequisites for staging fashion for discerning shoppers in a high-end, individual environment.

Meeting point Düsseldorf

Being a guest in Düsseldorf. Meeting, discussing and initiating good business deals – this is what FASHN ROOMS stands for – the place to be for business & order. With its segments Avantgarde, Design & Contemporary, Accessories & Shoes as well as the newly conceived spaces ADDITIONALS and GREEN ROOM this order event covers the entire range spectrum under one roof. Retailers appreciate the mix of young and established brands as well as the attractive environment of Areal Böhler!

Numerous service offerings, including exciting side events and hip hospitality venues round off a successful trade show visit.