Preview Gallery FASHION & Shoes July 2021

[ June 1, 2021 ]


Gallery FASHION & Shoes

24 – 26 July 2021

Showroom Concept

22 – 26 July 2021

“COVID-19 has caused me to mature even more, both as a person and professionally. In fact, I’m emerging from the past one and a half years stronger: with solidified partnerships within the industry, but also on a political level. We are so happy that we can now plan to hold our events twice every six months again and that we can be present once more. As an established order platform, we are proud that we have been able to offer the industry almost seamless continuity – even throughout the crisis – with three events. All our hard work has really paid off.”


Ulrike Kähler
Managing Director of Igedo Company


With the regular hall occupancy at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf, the plans for the upcoming edition of Gallery FASHION & Shoes from 24-26 July 2021, along with the accompanying Showroom Concept from 22-26 July 2021, are in full swing. Just like the plans for fashion orders on the regular dates with all local key players.


“We are delighted that the city is also supporting the fashion destination of Düsseldorf at the upcoming event within the framework of the ‘Düsseldorf Fashion Days’,” says Ulrike Kähler. Retailers will also be integrated with a line-up of accompanying events aimed at the general public: depending on the rate of infections, this will include everything from pop-up fashion shows and store windows to guerrilla activities or light shows. There are also plans to incorporate gastronomy, culture and the creative industries.

“Igedo Company established Düsseldorf as a fashion hotspot over 70 years ago and continues to shape it to this day, which is why we really appreciate this commitment. There’s a reason why we have been a constant key player and partner for the international industry in the heart of Germany for decades now. Constant development and change are essential: for every individual, but also for the destination of Düsseldorf overall,” adds Ulrike Kähler. “So, as well as our Europe-wide marketing, this new commitment from the city to strengthen Düsseldorf as a fashion destination is all the more important – and now especially.

According to Ulrike Kähler, there is a real sense of optimism on the international market as the industry reawakens from its pandemic-induced slumber. New agencies are also expected to take part in the Showroom Concept at the Düsseldorf order platform at the Areal Böhler, where they will be showcasing their new collections in conjunction with fashion, shoes and accessories and can make the most of this financially smart concept without having to commit to the long rental terms that usually apply to showrooms.

A digital Brand Box with virtual tradeshow booths will round off the concept and provide an overview of the brands in attendance.

“We’re really looking forward to the upcoming event. Although we obviously still need to ensure that all safety measures are strictly adhered to, we are noticing a collective sigh of relief and a sense of finally moving forward. That’s a good feeling and extremely motivating for the entire market,” sums up Ulrike Kähler.


Upcoming dates

Gallery FASHION & Shoes                           24 – 26 July 2021

Showroom Concept                                       22 – 26 July 2021


Gallery SHOES & Fashion                            29 – 31 August 2021

Showroom Concept                                       27 – 31 August 2021