Exhibitors statements Gallery January 2019

[ January 30, 2019 ]

Exhibitors statements and feedback of Gallery, International Fashion Trade Show, 26–28 January 2019 and Showroom Concept 25 – 29 Janoary 2019 in Düsseldorf for more information final report .

Impression Entrance Area

Exhibitors statements Gallery

In the words of Marcel Egner, General Manager of 04651 SYLT, which is very much characterised by the high standards of the company behind it, BRAUN Hamburg:

We are exhibiting at the Gallery’s Showroom Concept for the first time and are extremely impressed by this platform. Our summary: a fantastic tradeshow with a fantastic vibe! Not only were all fixed ordering appointments successful, but we were also able to attract a good number of new customers.”


„This is the best tradeshow we’ve had in Düsseldorf in the last ten years,”,

sums up Brasi & Brasi owner Maxi Kysely.


Roshan Paul from shoe brand NOBRAND, is also convinced:

“It’s our first time exhibiting at Gallery. The atmosphere here is fantastic and we also like the halls. Next time we want to double our booth size!”


Gallery is continuing the segments and niches in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, where the vibe has changed due to the new visitor navigation and walkways of the additional hall bay: with around 450 labels from 20 countries, the segments and niches there are individual, specific and integrative. The Occident and Orient form a microcosm in the Design, Avantgarde and Evening areas, with international and exciting labels from countries including Ireland, Estonia, Russia and Croatia


“As always, we are very happy to be in Düsseldorf! The event attracts international customers and a lot of orders are placed here,”

says Iris Janvier, owner of fashion brand IRIS JANVIER from Estonia


Maïté Ligot, Export Manager of the fashion by SARAH PACINI from Ireland, is also impressed:

“Gallery is the ideal platform for us. Düsseldorf is an ordering location and all appointments are consistently honoured. The new entrance situation has also been met with positive feedback and everything is very professional as usual.”


“This show gives us a great opportunity for us to meet with our existing customers and also more importantly to meet new customers from many different countries. Gallery is also excellently organised and presented very well,”

says Marc Offenbach from GINA BACCONI from the UK, in the Evening & Occasion segment.


And Christian Sydow, Product Manager of FIEBIG SINCE 1903, in the Accessories & Shoes segment, said:

This tradeshow is a huge success for us. We had a constant flow of customers on the first two days. Visitors came from all over Europe and also Asia. And we also really rate the new centred entrance. We’ve already exhibited at a few tradeshows this year, but we’re always impressed by the service here at Gallery!”


Fashion business is booming at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf: Gallery is a must-see and must-attend event in Germany with an absolutely experienced tradeshow organiser behind it: the Igedo Company Düsseldorf, which will have been in Düsseldorf for 70 years in 2019, and whose CPD licence awarded to Fashionnet Düsseldorf defines the entire Düsseldorf Order Days.